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QR Codes are Big Enough for the Big Game!

If you thought QR codes were already having a moment, they’re having an even bigger moment now thanks to the Coinbase commercial that ran during Super Bowl LVI. Over 92 million of us were tuned into the Super Bowl according to Sports Media Watch. Within the first few minutes of the Coinbase ad airing, over…

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2022 USPS Promotions Help Mailers Save on Postage!

Each year, the United States Postal Service offers promotional discounts to mailers in eligible categories. The 2022 categories are the same as last year, however the time periods and eligibility requirements are slightly different. The good news is that many of the discounts have increased! Informed Delivery is a great way for Polaris Direct’s mailers…

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2021 Forecast: 100% Chance of Direct Mail

The forecast is in: 2021 is predicted to “rain” direct mail. As we weather the storm brought on by the pandemic, more and more consumers are in search of content that makes them feel connected, and 65% of consumers say receiving mail lifts their spirits.1 With the only trip out of the house these days…

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New England Destinations

After what seemed like an incredibly long spring, summer is now in full swing. It has brought us the opportunity to get out of the house and social distance on the go. To help inspire your weekend plans, we’ve put together a list of our employees’ favorite New England road trips. Just remember that no…

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