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2022 USPS Promotions Help Mailers Save on Postage!

Each year, the United States Postal Service offers promotional discounts to mailers in eligible categories. The 2022 categories are the same as last year, however the time periods and eligibility requirements are slightly different. The good news is that many of the discounts have increased!

Informed Delivery is a great way for Polaris Direct’s mailers to increase campaign exposure and add a digital channel to their marketing. Residents in eligible areas are able to sign up to receive free Informed Delivery alerts from the USPS. These daily emails include a black & white scan of all incoming mail pieces. Polaris Direct helps mailers swap out the black & white image of their mail piece with a full-color image and include a “ride-a-long” ad which is hyperlinked to the landing page for the campaign. This means mailing recipients can respond even before checking their physical mailbox!

Check out the USPS Promotions Calendar for a promotion that fits your campaign. Interested in trying a new print technique, utilizing Informed Delivery, or layering in an advanced technology to your direct mail campaign? Polaris Direct can help!


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