Mailing Services

Creating efficiencies and synergies via partnerships and technology.

At Polaris Direct, we utilize our strategic alliances to improve logistical planning to guarantee mailings hit the mail stream faster.

We employ Seamless Acceptance, a USPS program designed to streamline mail processing. With Seamless Acceptance, a postal clerk can verify electronically that a mailing was prepared correctly. Not every lettershop has been approved for Seamless Acceptance, but Polaris Direct has. This means we’re able to offer our customers the benefits of automation, which results in getting mail into the mail stream faster.

Through eInduction, hard copy forms and clearance documents used for drop shipments are replaced with electronic documentation. eInduction reduces paperwork and provides mailers with more reliable and timely information about induction of their pallets into the mail stream.

Other mailing services include:

  • Onsite postal verification
  • NDC/SCF destination delivery coordination
  • Full-service IMB Certified Mail Service Provider
  • Reporting systems for both Drop Ship delivery verification and IMB mail piece tracking
  • Complete postal reconciliation and reporting
  • Customized mail tracking reports
  • Mail tracking for in-home delivery dates and each mail piece