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How Specialty Print Can Add Value and Boost Revenue

The direct mail industry has evolved to a point where we know that highly-personalized mail drives a higher ROI, but what about mail with print embellishments? At Polaris Direct, we’ve seen increases in engagement when embellishments are added to a personalized direct mail piece – whether it be incorporating a fifth color with specialty toners,…

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What Makes Informed Delivery So Beneficial to Marketers?

a. Simple to integrate b. Cost-effective way to add another touchpoint c. Saves you 4% on postage d. All the above! Answer: All the Above! SIMPLE TO INTEGRATE  Adding Informed Delivery to your direct mail campaign is so easy, that it’s a no brainer! The minimum requirement to turn what would otherwise be just a…

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The Direct Mail Revolution is Now!

1. DIRECT MAIL IS TRENDING UP After seeing a 1% increase in mail volumes last year, direct mail is predicted to be a popular channel for marketers in 2023, as the majority of budgets are shifting towards spending more on direct mail.1 According to this year’s Winterberry Group Annual Outlook Report, a slight, overall decrease…

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Direct Mail with a Tech Twist

  Who would have thought that direct mail and technology could be best friends? In fact, mail and tech make a perfect pair. Three basic tenets of mail piece design are: 1) it must be visually appealing with storytelling content, 2) offer up testimonials, and 3) include personalized messaging. All these principles still apply, but…

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