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polaris star chart
polaris star chart

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Proudly Woman-owned in Hooksett, NH

Community Roots…National Reach

Polaris Direct is a nationally acclaimed, full-service lettershop and printing company. We offer direct marketing services that enable Fortune 500 companies to maximize their customer impact and reduce costs in strategic ways.

Through deeply consultative relationships, we advise our clients on innovative design strategies, production efficiencies, and postal optimization that will boost their ROI. We bring integrity, reliability and creativity to every project we work on, and our expertise ranges from patent-pending designs that address regulatory requirements to crucial cost containment and inspired mailing formats aimed at boosting response rates.

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Polaris Direct integrates industry expertise, patented technology, cutting-edge creative techniques, and an understanding of direct mail’s role in a multi-channel approach to produce campaigns that increase ROI for our customers. We’re equipped to meet all of our clients’ direct mail needs, including:

Each day, we demonstrate our core values of quality, trust, dependability, diversity, courage, innovation, and flexibility, all in an effort to continuously exceed our customers’ expectationsWe take a relationship-driven, consultative approach, seeking to understand every aspect of a client’s business. We then expertly analyze these needs and recommend innovative, smart, cost-effective solutions using the latest technologies.

Our refined internal systems, knowledgeable staff, and diverse capabilities enable us to effectively manage the most demanding projects. As a trusted direct mail partner, Polaris Direct ensures flawless execution and on-time delivery for every campaign.

Polaris Direct was founded in 2003 by a cross-section of industry experts who envisioned a direct marketing company guided by innovative thinking and client-based problem solving. Since our founding, we’ve created a culture built around client service and innovation. As a result, we’ve been recognized throughout the industry for our growth, creativity, and commitment to diversity in our structure and our thinking.

Our inspiration: Polaris, the North Star. Located just off the tip of Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) in the night sky, has been used for centuries by travelers navigating both land and sea. Like the star, we intend to be a guiding light for direct marketers in search of effective solutions for their marketing challenges.

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Adding specialized value and efficiency


As a full-service lettershop, Polaris Direct is capable of meeting all our customers’ direct mail needs. Through strategic partnerships, we offer commingling, personalized printing and mailing services.

With a focus on technology, personalization, cost savings, and data security, Polaris Direct’s alliances were formed to give our customers a one-stop, comprehensive direct marketing experience.

Our partners include:

  • Firebird Presort a commingling facility that implements the best in sorter technology and offers the value-added benefit of postal discounts for commingled mail.
  • Candid Worldwide and Tidewater Direct offer a universal advantage for delivering marketing messages through an array of printing and personalization technologies. Our collaborative approach provides a harmonious blending of resources including quality customer service, creative support and a wide range of equipment and technologies.
polaris star chart
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Creating opportunities from obstacles


Innovation is driven by creativity, attention to detail, and a willingness to think outside the box to find solutions.

At Polaris Direct, our team members are results-driven, creative problem-solvers who continually seek ways to increase efficiency and save money for our clients. Where others see only obstacles, we see opportunities.

We take a multi-channel marketing approach, merging traditional tactics with the newest technologies to serve our customers and meet the growing scale of their direct mail campaigns. By using the mail in combination with alternative channels, marketers can enhance their message and increase ROI. From online ad campaigns to Augmented Reality, from trigger emails to social media and other cross-channel opportunities, we help our clients integrate their direct marketing efforts and drive response.

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