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What Makes Informed Delivery So Beneficial to Marketers?

a. Simple to integrate
b. Cost-effective way to add another touchpoint
c. Saves you 4% on postage
d. All the above!

Answer: All the Above!

Adding Informed Delivery to your direct mail campaign is so easy, that it’s a no brainer! The minimum requirement to turn what would otherwise be just a black and white scan of your mail piece listed in a USPS Informed Delivery subscriber’s inbox, is to add a Ride-along Image.

Ride-along Image: This image will accompany the black and white scan of your mail piece and be a supplementary call-to-action by acting as a branded button that leads to your landing page. Design this image to meet at least one of these maximum dimensions: 300px wide or 200px tall.

Adding the Ride-along Image is enough to bring your campaign to the top of the recipients’ Informed Delivery list on the day that the mail piece will be delivered, but marketers can choose to take it a step further and replace the black and white scan with a Representative Image.

Representative Image: This image enhances your Informed Delivery campaign by replacing the black and white scan of the mail piece with a full color, generic image meant to represent the mail piece. Design this image to meet at least one of these maximum dimensions: 780px wide or 500px tall.

That’s it — you have all you need for an Informed Delivery Campaign! And if you need help creating these images, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Strategic Marketing Services team.

It takes very little time and money to add Informed Delivery as a digital touchpoint — turning your mailing into a multi-channel campaign. As a result, you’ll now be generating multiple impressions from a single mail piece and helping drive customer response! There are currently over 52 million subscribers to Informed Delivery, and that number grows every day. If you are interested in seeing the penetration of subscribers on your mail list, reach out for an analysis.

The USPS 2023 Informed Delivery Promotion is running from August 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. When you tie Informed Delivery into your direct mail campaign, you’ll qualify for the 4% savings on postage!

At Polaris Direct, we’re already registered for this promotion and will submit your mail piece for pre-approval before the mail drops.

Create impact and optimize your marking spend with Informed Delivery. Connect with us today to learn more and get started!