Postal Optimization

Reducing mailing costs and combating annual postage rate increases.

Polaris Direct guides our clients to several options that can help them reduce mailing costs, including commingling, drop shipment, and co-palletization.

    The commingling process involves combining mail from a variety of customers and presorting it together to achieve the optimal postage discount. By presorting mail, our customers avoid paying higher postage rates on pieces that fall below the minimum quantities required for drop ship discounts. Commingled mail may also be delivered faster because it is sorted by zip code and labeled with the USPS bar code before it enters the mailstream. Through our partnership with Firebird Presort, we offer commingling services on a daily basis.
    Direct marketers can also reduce their mailing costs by drop shipping—or preparing mailings to bypass certain processing steps and expedite the journey through the USPS system. With drop shipping, Polaris Direct coordinates the delivery of mailings to a postal facility closer to their end destination. The further “downstream” mail is entered into the USPS system, the greater the postage discount.
    Co-palletization also reduces touch points by the USPS, which results in postage discounts and improved delivery reliability for direct marketers. In the co-palletization process, we combine full trays of presorted mail from multiple non-identical presorted mailings on the same pallet to obtain drop ship and deeper entry point discounts.

Polaris Direct provides postal rate optimization services through our partnership with Firebird Presort.