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Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery: Get More From Your Mail

While nothing can replace the tactile value of hard copy mail, you can now communicate digitally with direct mail. Yes, the United States Postal Service has gone digital. With Informed Delivery, online marketing efforts can now be connected with printed mail by providing residential consumers a preview of their household’s letter-sized mail before it arrives via mobile app, email notification or online dashboard. Read more

Polaris WP - Inkjet Technology May 2015 COVERPrinting A New Plan For Direct Marketers
How and Why Inkjet is Key to Your Company’s Future Success

While the benefits of inkjet technology are many — shortened project turnaround times, unlimited versioning, cost savings — its primary value lies in the ability to personalize messaging. Inkjet offers the opportunity for brands to achieve one-to-one dialog with customers and prospects, which is proven to increase response. Read more

Polaris WP - Personalization Aug 2014 COVER

Pragmatic Personalization: Being Direct in an Age of Relevant Marketing

Customers and prospects are exposed to 5,000 advertising messages a day, or more. Marketers have long known that addressing them by name, and tailoring communications to their circumstances, offers a better shot at “connecting” with individuals through all that noise, generating leads, making sales and building loyal customer relationships. Personalization is not a shortcut to relevancy, but it sure helps. It’s an attention-getter, and a tactic that continues to prove itself by increasing ROI. Read more