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Combining Email and Direct Mail for Maximum ROI

Email + Mail = ROI

At Polaris Direct, we advise new and existing clients to opt for multi-channel marketing strategies whenever possible. While we believe strongly in the power of a well-executed mail campaign, we also understand the potentially enhanced impact a multi-channel approach creates. Integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns can help expand audience reach and engagement, and ultimately increase ROI. People today are on the move, and to get the best results, you have to get their attention wherever they are, at precisely the right time, and through their preferred channel(s) of communication.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns help you do just that — increase the likelihood that you’ll get in front of the right person, at the right time, in the right way. They also ensure your audience receives multiple touchpoints, causing them to see your brand and offer almost everywhere they look. As a result, you’re more likely to be top-of-mind when they decide to make a purchase.

We’ve seen the impact of a multi-channel campaign first-hand in one of our client’s success stories. As a result of combining the power of direct mail with an integrated email, our client received a lift in response rates of more than 30%. Are you interested in building a multi-channel marketing campaign to boost ROI? Contact Polaris Direct today.



About the author: Lisa Leslie is a Copywriter for Polaris Direct, a nationally acclaimed high-volume direct marketing services company in Hooksett, NH. A skilled writer and creative thinker, Lisa works to uncover authentic and inspiring brand stories to create content that drives customer engagement. Throughout her professional career, she has filled a variety of roles, ranging from marketing administration and project management to digital marketing consulting and content development. In each role, Lisa has remained committed to helping brands tell their stories in ways that capture audiences and encourage customer loyalty. Her intuitive listening skills, broad experience, and talent for writing make her a unique and valuable asset to the Polaris Direct team.

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