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Keep Your Data Clean

The Importance of Clean Data

Data is more than just a buzz word in today’s marketing arena; it’s a critical tool for any business trying to maximize the reach of their sales and marketing efforts. But not all data is created equal — or at least, it shouldn’t be.

Data Accuracy Decreases Over Time

According to ZoomInfo, “40% of email users change their email address at least once every two years,” and “15% of email users change their email address one or more times a year.” If that’s true, after just 2 years, over half of your email addresses are no longer valid — and after another 2 years, you can assume that over 75% of your email addresses are junk.

And that’s just email. ZoomInfo also says, “20% of all postal addresses change each year.” If you’re using last year’s data to send a direct mail campaign, 20% of your efforts are essentially wasted, unless you make an effort to clean your data regularly. More importantly, money and efforts wasted only become amplified when using inaccurate data across multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Is Your Data Clean?

Your data is only as useful as it is accurate. The impact bad data can have on your marketing and sales efforts over time is significant, but the solution to avoiding this pitfall is quite simple — keep your data clean.

Polaris Direct can help. Contact us for assistance with data cleansing and get more out of your marketing efforts.



About the author: Lisa Leslie is a Copywriter for Polaris Direct, a nationally acclaimed high-volume direct marketing services company in Hooksett, NH. A skilled writer and creative thinker, Lisa works to uncover authentic and inspiring brand stories to create content that drives customer engagement. Throughout her professional career, she has filled a variety of roles, ranging from marketing administration and project management to digital marketing consulting and content development. In each role, Lisa has remained committed to helping brands tell their stories in ways that capture audiences and encourage customer loyalty. Her intuitive listening skills, broad experience, and talent for writing make her a unique and valuable asset to the Polaris Direct team.

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