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Direct Mail with a Tech Twist

Direct Mail with a Tech Twist


Who would have thought that direct mail and technology could be best friends? In fact, mail and tech make a perfect pair. Three basic tenets of mail piece design are: 1) it must be visually appealing with storytelling content, 2) offer up testimonials, and 3) include personalized messaging. All these principles still apply, but let’s add a twist to bring the digital world into the mix by combining technology that drives your mail recipient to the web.

  • Try using images that visualize the online experience by adding a cell phone, computer, laptop, anything digital to your content that will increase the chances of the recipients going digital with a click or scan. It’s all about using the CTA to drive to the web – digitally. CTA’s are the cornerstone to direct mail; by incorporating a strong digital CTA, chances are you will boost ROI. Like I said, best friends!
  • QR codes are the closest thing to a digital “click here”. The quicker you engage the customer, the better. If the recipient is more than an arm’s length away from the internet, we want them scanning a QR code that will engage them with your brand. In a campaign for a national insurance carrier, over 76% of their landing page visits came from the QR codes.1
  • Beyond the CTA, there are different strategies to make your mail more digitally friendly. Mobile and display targeting2 (geofencing), when combined with direct mail, is a proven tactic to drive response. When a consumer receives a mail piece, coordinate a geofencing effort so that they also receive an ad on their smartphone or laptop at the same time they receive it in their mailbox. Retargeting ads will also keep your brand top of mind and remind your prospects to take action.
  • Consider another intriguing technique to make your mail piece come alive by using Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). AR/VR transforms your message into more of a conversation with your brand. Your customers and prospects can scan using a mobile device and launch videos, animations, and 3D interactive images. With AR/VR, you are expanding your message and are not limited to the confines of the mailing format. With postage costs on the rise, using a smaller, cost-effective format with AR/VR can effectively expand your message and create an interactive DIGITAL experience for prospects to engage with. Check out this example:

Twist your next mailing by using DIGITAL FIRST techniques to drive response. At Polaris Direct, we have a team of industry experts that can help strategize your next campaign. To learn more, please reach out at (603) 626-5800 or through our Contact Us page. You can also visit our website at


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About the author: Kacey Paquette is a graduate from Plymouth State University. She majored in Marketing with a minor in Digital Media. Kacey is also a Strategic Marketing Services Intern for Polaris Direct, a nationally acclaimed high-volume direct marketing services and printing company in Hooksett, NH.

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