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The Omni-Channel Experience

Not long ago, a friend of mine was asking if I had watched the series ‘Mad Men’. She was quite surprised when I admitted that I had not — especially since I work in marketing and advertising. This particular friend is also “in the biz”, and she was imagining a career back in the days…

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5 Tips to Help Your Corporate Holiday Giving

The holiday season has arrived once again! Not only does this bring the gatherings of family and friends to celebrate, but it also arrives with an increased spirit of giving. At Polaris Direct, charitable giving has been a long-standing tradition. Since our inception over 14 years ago, we have participated in a long list of…

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Data Security Comes First

In today’s world of big data, changing technology, and hacker threats, security of information is on everyone’s mind—and for good reason. In the news, you often hear of data breaches that jeopardize customer or patient privacy. Recently reported, a medical records transcription company suffered from a data breach due to mediocre security measures. The breach exposed the sensitive…

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Direct Mail: An Anchor in the Digital Storm

A digital storm has taken over the world of marketing, with strong waves of technology and a battering of information leaving some marketers lost at sea. What’s strong enough to keep us all from drifting away? An anchor, and that anchor is direct mail. I don’t know about you, but my email inbox is out…

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