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3 Trends Marketers Should Consider in 2022

  1. Social Responsibility
    Millennials have led the charge in considering WHO they’re buying from – not just WHAT they’re buying – and this trend continues as Gen Z enters the consumer conversation. Brands that are trying to limit their environmental impact or support a humanitarian cause are more appealing to these consumers who are newly armed with disposable income. If your company does not have a sustainability initiative or an ongoing social cause program, now is the time to start one!
  2. Thumb-Stopping Content
    As the world went online during the pandemic, marketers flooded digital channels to promote their brands. This created a lot of digital noise, leading to digital fatigue, and made it more difficult for a brand to break through.

    What gets a consumer to stop the mindless scroll? The answer is movement. This can be a video, an animation, or an image showing live action of some kind. If you use video, include subtitles as many consumers keep their phones muted so as not to disturb those around them.

  3. New Engagement Options
    We all know how important it is to include multiple ways for a consumer to respond to your marketing campaign. Now there are even more cutting-edge options. Consider ditching the old school QR code for a branded / custom-designed version, offer an AR/VR experience (think virtual “try on” or “test-drive”), or integrate a voice-activated command (Alexa, sign me up!).

Try testing some (or all!) of these ideas to help increase engagement with your brand and response rates on your next marketing campaign. Remember that some of these ideas can lead to a postage discount. Check out the 2022 USPS promos to see if you qualify.

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