Case Studies

Customizing solutions for our clients’ specific and unique challenges.

Package Redesign

Redesign Improves Package Integrity and Reduces Cycle Time

Challenge: A national consumer products company needed a better way to run an 8.5” x 11” letter inter-stacked with an 8.5” x 15” application. Due to the dissimilar length of the two pieces, the current vendor was running the forms separately. Solution: Instead of running the two forms separately, Polaris Direct designed a one-up 8.5”…

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Format Change

Switching to a Match Mail Approach Increases ROI

Challenge: A major insurance company was seeing response rates drop on its control package and wanted a proven means of increasing response without investing time in testing a redesign. Solution: Based on experience, our Polaris Direct team recommended keeping the internal elements of the package the same using a closed face (match mail) format. This…

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