A streamlined, integrated approach to cross-channel marketing

PostaLink logoIt’s time to think beyond the mail.

Powered by Polaris Direct, PostaLink gives you the ability to combine tried-and-true direct mail with the power of Google to improve response and deliver a better customer experience.

Plus, PostaLink qualifies for two USPS postal promotions in 2017—the Emerging & Advanced Technology promo and the Direct Mail Starter promo—which means you could save 2-5% on eligible postage.

A marketing-based solution, PostaLink is designed to seamlessly track and enhance your multi-channel marketing efforts through:

    Prepare for customer response and trigger perfectly timed follow-up campaigns by tracking when mail arrives in-home. Log on to your customized PostaLink portal any time to track your mail as it makes its way through the mail stream.
    Never abandon a lead again. Through the Google Display Network, ads automatically follow direct mail recipients who visit your website but leave without converting. Find out how many times your ad has been displayed with a simple click of the mouse.
    Analyze campaign results by tracking the calls generated by your mail piece. Listen to recorded incoming calls at any time to determine the effectiveness of different strategies and to monitor for quality.

For more information on how to maximize your marketing impact, visit or watch the video below.